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And what if Faith was the one to help her, deciding to give her the same chance that Angel gave her, a second chance?Add in Wesley as Faith's reappointed Watcher, and Charmed Ones, and you have a real party. Themes of drug abuse and withdrawal are explored, though not with the depth some might.Champion of the Inqusition: Because I had an idea that just wouldn't go away, and I'm always looking for that idiosyncratic fic that doesn't exist... Fics on Hold or Hiatus Jarl of Blackreach: Plot bunny that wouldn't die.A Skyrim fanfiction centering on the Dragonborn Kisyra and Serana, as they begin the long process of truly understanding the depths of Blackreach.Forthcoming projects in this universe include, The Fics that I'm Actually Working On Iron Coin Chronicles: Season 2: Set during Bt VS Season 4.College has started up, Xander's looking for a semi-permenant post-high school job, and oh yea, the Forces of Fate aren't happy with Xander's changes to the world around him. Envisions a surviving Doyle, ethnodemonologist Harriet Abrams (Formerly Harriet Doyle) being a part of the team, and a changed dynamic between Kate and Angel.

Canon AUA disillusioned WWE Diva (OC) makes an unwise wish and finds herself transported to a world where the fights are unscripted, to the death, and there's nowhere to shower afterwards. Two worlds, two universes, once divided, now united, for better or worse. Miraak will return to enslave the living and undead... A companion story to "Remnants" that shows what happens while Shepard is off playing hero. A series of au stories featuring our lanky warlock and stunning witch, with occasional appearances from the Knights, Once and Future King and Queen and High Priestesses!

Sometimes they're a fun trainwreck, sometimes they're a nearly pure cinnamon roll - all depends on the character and often the context.

D., Avengers, Dragon Age, Dresden Files, NCIS, White Collar, and Charmed. Yes, I am the same author that used to go by 'Alkeni' - as you can see with all the same fics being under the penname and whatnot. I like a character because they are interesting and entertaining.

But what happpens to a Space Marine when he is stranded in a place where his unique set of talents are neither needed, desired, or valued by humanity?

What is a weapon's purpose without a war to fight in?

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I've always wondered what would have happened if Lilah had started to use her abilities for good (ish) mid-series, and often wondered what would have happened if Lindsey hadn't gone all 'evil hand' on everyone at that meeting. Ruins of My Kingdom to Come: Because I don't know how to shut my muse up.

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