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The original AQ has been adapted for use with childrenby other authors.1. INTERNAL CONSISTENCYBecause the AQC is a 1-item measure, Cronbach's alpha cannot be computed (Muris et al., 2001, p. INTER-RATER RELIABILITYIn a sample of 280 adolescents and their parents, the correspondence between child and parent ratings of attachment using the AQC and the AQC-P was low but significant (percent agreement=70.4%, kappa=.32, Spearman’s correlation = .37; Muris & Meesters, 2002).

Finzi, Har-Even, Weizman, Tyano, & Shnit (1996) developed a 15-item questionnaire, with 5 items for each attachment style. Correlations are presented in the table because correlations are what is most often reported in the database for other measures.

I find it difficult to trust them completely, difficult to depend on them.

I am uncomfortable to be close friends with other children.

Across different studies, children who define themselves as insecurely attached display higher levels of anxiety, worry, and depression than those who identify themselves as securely attached (Muris, Mayer, & Meesters, 2000; Muris, Meesters, Merckelbach, & Hülsenbeck, 2000).

Muris, Mayer, & Meesters (2000) found that insecurely attached children had higher scores on the Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders and Depression Questionnaire for Children.

I am often worried that my best friend doesn't really like me and wants to end our friendship. (1998) used the AQ descriptions but simplified them with wording very similar to that of Muris et al. Data on this altered version are presented in the Notes under “Construct Validity.”There is an AQC educator version: a revised version of the AQC for use with parents, caregivers, and teachers.

I prefer to do everything together wiht my best friend. In this version, the adult chooses the description that best describes the attachment style for the child in question (Muris & Maas, 2004).

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