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He and a singer at the gang's nightclub try to do a good deed for the old lady when her daughter comes to visit.

Five friends are released from prison and do their best to stay out trouble.

See full summary » A police informant sent a letter containing sensitive information on an illegal drug operation to his friend, Yi-Ching.

See full summary » When the accident-prone daughter of a French businessman disappears in Mexico and the detective sent down to find her returns empty-handed, the businessman's company psychologist comes up ...

Instead of looking for a run-off young teenage boy, we have a daughter missing and a rich, corporate dad concerned -- versus a sexy, wily, strong-willed French mother in "Les Comperes." The daughter in "Pure Luck" is chronologically older, in her twenties, but her mind is, well, let's say calling her "childlike" would be overly charitable.

The daughter adds to the magic in "Pure Luck" -- in "Les Comperes" the missing son is mainly that -- missing.

Both films are quite funny; both actors are excellent here.

This film touched a nerve with me -- as a stepfather.

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Depardieu cannot be compared with any other actor in the world; his talent and the vast number and variety of roles he's played are astounding.

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