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When a desert rendezvous with all four turns nasty, Walt creates a chemical explosion that leaves Emilio dead and Krazy-8 struggling to survive .Krazy-8 escapes only to have Walt recapture him then lock him to a pole in Jesse's basement.Jesse takes said sample to Domingo Gallardo "Krazy 8" Molina, cousin to Jesse's recently busted drug-dealing partner Emilio Koyama.Emilio, out on bail and convinced Jesse ratted him out, sets up a double-cross." Walt relents, using drug profits to pay the bill.Jesse, haunted by recent events, flees to his parents' house. Jesse denies it's his, but his parents kick him out.Jesse attempts to cook meth but can't match Walt's quality.At a family pow-wow about Walt's cancer, Walt tells everyone, "All I have left is how I choose to approach (having cancer)"; he chooses not to have chemo.

Skyler, meanwhile, uses *69 to trace a suspicious call from Jesse.

When Skyler asks who the caller was, Walt says that Jesse is his pot dealer.

Skyler visits Jesse to tell him to stop selling her husband marijuana.

Walt says they have more work to do, but Jesse begs to differ: "Coin flip is sacred!

Your job is waiting for you in the basement." A heart-to-heart with Walt leaves Krazy-8 confident that Walt will spare him, but when Walt realizes Krazy-8 is conning him, he strangles the dealer.

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