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Kelly was the emcee of the event, and when she began to speak about President Trump things took a turn. Despite the tweets and all the rest of it, there is much to admire about Donald Trump,' said Kelly, which immediately elicited booing from a few people, the loudest being comedian Kathy Griffin.'There is. There's room for the loyal opposition in this country,' said Kelly at that point, a comment which resulted in Griffin screaming, 'F*** him.'Kelly then responded: 'Guess who that is?

Kathy Griffin.' Griffin later explained how things went down the day of the shoot.'Let's make this really obvious that I'm making an absurdist, artsy thing,' said Griffin.

I'm going to get in ahead of the game.'That comment spurred Don Jr.The death threats I am getting are constant and they are detailed.'Griffin then made a point of adding: 'Today it's me.Tomorrow it could be you.'Bloom also stressed her client's impeccable record and the fact that she has never committed an act of violence or assault before, stating: 'Kathy never imagined it could be misinterpreted as a threat of violence against Trump.'As a result of the first family bullying her, she has been vilified, getting death threats, fired from multiple jobs and had multiple events canceled,' said Bloom.Those death threats are more serious than the loss of work for Griffin, who said: 'This is America, and you shouldn't have to die for it.

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After making a few jokes and stating that she stands by the apology she released earlier this week, Griffin said: 'The president and his grown children and the first lady are personally trying to ruin my life forever.'She then went back to that notion a few moments later, speaking in disbelief as she reiterated her claim that 'this president of all people is going to come after' an 'obnoxious comedian.'Griffin also tried to explain the reason behind the photo and video shoot by saying: 'I am not good at being appropriate.' Aggressors: Griffin declared at one point: 'There's a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me!

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