Dating a jehovah witness man

In January Seeking, one of the most popular sites for both babies and daddies, released a press kit that claimed 585 of their active users attended either Columbia or New York University.

This put both schools in the national top twenty rankings of universities with the most sugar babies.

So, with fantasies of subverting societal conventions of sexual orientation, prostitution, and the best way to afford a New York night out, I strolled onto the Internet looking for some dude to bang who would pay for my time in the form of alcohol, cab fares and bar snacks.

His messages to me said that his name was “Renato” and he lived by himself in a slightly ritzier part of Brooklyn than my own.

My cab honked outside and I quickly settled on a tight-fitting pair of black boxer briefs before throwing on my most elite dive-bar attire and hustling out into the damp and dirty heat of the summer night.

I texted the man who would become my sugar daddy that I was “on my way, winky-face emoticon.” We would meet five or six times over the course of the next seven months, always at either his place or a dimly-lit and sparsely-populated piano bar down the street.

My goal in meeting this man was simple: I wanted to perform both a social and personal experiment.

The personal would aim to satisfy a confused mix of self-loathing and curiosity about men after experiencing a string of failed romances with women.

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Sugar baby/daddy relationships are more nebulous than those between most other sex workers and their clients; compensation varies wildly, sugar babies are paid for anything from going on casual dates to accompanying sugar daddies on vacation, and sometimes sex isn’t part of the deal at all.

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