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And then, not judge a person as “not having a life” if they do respond within a reasonable time?

Like the infamous song that recently got ripped to pieces, or the public verbal lynching of comedian Steve Martin after he gave a sincere compliment to Carrie Fisher on Twitter, saying that she was beautiful, bright, and witty.

You will actually GO on more dates and meet more people “in the flesh”… Plus, is it really that much of a burden and that much effort to say “hey, let’s meet in person over a drink, what’s your schedule like this week? I hear the complaint constantly from my male clients and other men that they’ll be talking to a girl, ask her out, and then – poof! And then the poor guys are obsessing over what the hell they could have possibly said to offend them or turn them off so much with one message.

Ladies, let’s help the guys out a little to make them more motivated to court YOU, notice their efforts when they do put them out, and have the courtesy to at least tell them no thank you if you don’t want to go out with someone.

The dating app “Bumble” really threw a wrench into things by switching up traditional roles and making the female in charge of messaging the guys first.

But then it created this weird landscape where guys are expecting the woman to not only message them first, but apparently ask them out and plan a date also.

A little mystery can be good and you don’t want to smother a woman, but trying to act apathetic toward a girl, hold back any compliments or indications that you like her, and deliberately acting like you don’t care is pretty lame and probably only going to lead to a stalemate, as most women’s guards will go up and they will feel the need to act elusive too.

Wow, is that so terrible for them to feel good and useful for a moment?

But then again, why did you swipe right on him if you weren’t interested in him enough to go out with him??

And this goes for guys too – let’s stop the swiping and disappearing act altogether if we want actual relationships to be created in 2017.

Dating right now in the “Dating Apocalypse” is already complicated and confusing enough.

So let’s just make things really easy, less confusing, and less complicated.

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