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Their reason was because they suffered from accuracy issues.I found mine was plenty accurate using the copper plated bullets in it.

I hope this helps, Hammerdown Thanks for the info and I am about to head out and give it a try. The CCI & Federal ammo here is only about a dollar more except for the cheap WW white & grey box 22 mag ammo is under , but that crap is so unreliable as to be scarry.I will get some nice Pictures of this very clean example once the rain let's up here in East Tennessee.I hope this Helps, Hammerdown Hammerdown do you have anny info on the Model 647 HMR17?If someone could shed some light it would be appreciated.Hello Tdart67 In 1947 S&W Resumed Civilan sales of their revolvers after being absent working on strickly War Time revolvers since 1941.

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