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All quotation marks and ampersand have been transcribed as entity references. While preparing these pages I enjoyed a daily intercourse with her extending over eight months, during which time I often found myself spellbound by the descriptive powers which nearly a half century ago compelled the admiration of leading men and women of that day. To these and urgings as powerful from many quarters, reiterated during the past forty years, until the present work was undertaken, Mrs. Her recollections of a long life are now gathered in response to a wide and insistently expressed desire to see them preserved in a concrete form ere the crowding years shall have made impossible the valuable testimony she is able to bear to ante-bellum and bellum conditions in her dearly loved South land. Clay-Clopton have lent an eager aid, and it is an acknowledgment due to them that their names be linked here with the work they have so lovingly fostered. Clay-Clopton and I met; through her unintermitting energy obstacles that at first threatened to postpone the beginning of the work were removed, and from these initial steps she has brought a very Minerva-like wisdom and kindness to aid the work to its completion. Humes General Joseph Wheeler lent me a valuable sympathy; through the courtesy of General Wheeler General James H. Clay, Jr., surrendered in 1865, kindly gave his consideration to the chapters of the memoirs in which he personally is mentioned, correcting one or two minor inaccuracies, such as misapplied military titles. Humes and General Wheeler Colonel Henry Watterson's attention was directed to the work, and he, too, generously scanned the manuscript then ready, at a considerable expense of time, guiding my pen, all untutored in political phrases, from some misleading slips. John's - Foreign Legations - Reminiscence of Octavia Walton in Washington - Mrs. Pugh and the Baron Hulseman - The Boy Henry Watterson - Congressmen Clopton, Curry, Dowdell, L. Dowdell Goes to Hear Gottschalk - Circumstances of the Sudden Death of Preston Brooks - CHAPTER IV. At the Age of Ninety-one He Recalls a Day When He Meant to Kill Seward - Meeting with Myra Clarke Gaines - Senator and Mrs. She was born on the banks of the Merrimac and came to Tuscaloosa in her freshest womanhood.All double right and left quotation marks are encoded as " and " respectively. Spell-check and verification made against printed text using Author/Editor (Soft Quad) and Microsoft Word spell check programs. "My wife was amazed at your eloquence," wrote Attorney-General Jeremiah Black in 1866, and in succeeding letters urged Mrs. The inception of the work as now presented is primarily due to Mrs. Humes has ardently urged upon our heroine the necessity for preserving her rich memories as a legacy, not alone to the South, but to all lovers of the romantic and eventful in our national Page ix history, to whatsoever quarter of the country they may claim a particular allegiance. I owe a large debt of gratitude to Colonel Robert Barnwell Rhett, who, though an invalid while I was a guest of Mr. Humes in Huntsville, gave his unsparing counsels to me, enlightening me as to personages and events appertaining to the formation of the Confederate Government, which would have been unobtainable from any books at present known to me. Paul Hammond, formerly of Beech Island, South Carolina, but now residing in Jacksonville, Florida, has been peculiarly valuable. Riggs Gives a Midnight Supper to Patti - Heller Appears; Likewise the Grand Elephant Hannibal . THE CABINET CIRCLES OF PRESIDENTS PIERCE AND BUCHANAN. First her pupil and afterward her friend, our mutual affection, begun in the early thirties, continued until her demise in the eighties.Finding a Dirty chat room that has webcam chat and is 100% free is impossible.We have just upgraded our chat system to be fully in flash compared to most competitors who use the outdated java software package.Simply complete the form right above to register & start chatting instantly. Text scanned (OCR) by Kathleen Feeney Images scanned by Jill Kuhn and Jennifer Stowe Text encoded by Jordan Davis and Natalia Smith First edition, 1998. 800K Academic Affairs Library, UNC-CH University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1998. Miss Lane Becomes Lady of the White House - Her Influence on Washington Life - The Coming of Lord and Lady Napier - Their Hospitality - They Give a Ball to Lords Cavendish and Ashley - Mrs. Corcoran - His Lavish Entertainments - Howell Cobb's Appreciation - A Stranger's Lack of It - I Take the Daughter of a Constituent to See the Capitol . The ship was in midocean, and the young guardian, blaming her own inexperience, wept bitterly as preparations went on for the burial.

I cannot refrain from telling a strange incident in her altogether remarkable life.

Detained in Macon - General Tracy Tells of Conditions at Vicksburg - Senator Clay Writes of Grave Conditions in Richmond - A War-time Dinner with President Davis - My Sister and I Turn Seamstresses - Looking for Big Battles - Travel in '63 - Cliff and Sid Lanier Write from "Tented Field" - News from "Homosassa" . We were both intensely fond of my aunt's piano, but my cousin was compelled to satisfy his affection for music in secret; for Uncle Battle, who heartily encouraged my efforts, was positive in his disapproval of those of my cousin.

From the first we were cronies; yet we had a memorable disagreement upon one occasion which caused a slight breach between us.

Ruffin's Menacing Arsenal - Ex-President Tyler's Grief - We Hear News from Morris Island - Senators Clay, Davis, Fitzpatrick, Mallory, and Yulee Withdraw from the Senate - Visits of Representatives Pendleton and Vallandigham, and Senator Pugh, of Ohio - Joseph Holt Writes Deploring the Possible Loss to Our Country of Senator Clay's "Genius and Patriotism" - "A Plain New Hampshire Minister" Writes of the - Times - We Leave the Federal City - Mrs. It was the good fortune of the young State at that time to have in the neighbourhood of its capital many excellent teachers, among whom was my instructress at the school in Tuscaloosa to which I now was sent.

John's - Lord Lyons Replaces the Napiers - Anson Burlingame Rescues Me from a Dilemma - Political Climax - Scenes in the Senate - Admiral Semmes Declares His Intentions - Mr. I Go with Senator Clay to Minnesota - "Let's Mob the Fire-eater" - We See Our First Federal Soldiers at Cairo - Echoes of Sumter - Once More in the Blossomy South - In Picturesque Huntsville - We Hear from Montgomery of President Davis's Unceasing Industry - A Survey of Huntsville - The "Plebs" and Aristocrats Compete for the Naming of the Town, and the Descendants of a Poet Give Way before Its Discoverer - A Nursing Mother of Alabama's Great Men - The Fascinations of the Fair Vixens of the Early Nineteenth Century - A Baptism at the Big Spring - The Make-up of Our Army in '61 - We Hear from a Hero at Harper's Ferry - Letters from Washington - We Prepare to Go to Richmond . Burton Harrison Recalls Her Triumph as Lydia Languish - The Caste - Mrs. Ives, Our Hostess, Is Saved from Stage Fright by a Bonnet Which Has Run the Blockade . Clay, who, in our youthful gambols, scalped me." During my twelfth year, my uncle removed to Tuscaloosa, where my real school days began.

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