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It was a feel-good move that drew fans to the stadium and earned Manning a well-deserved standing ovation as he came onto the field for the opening drive. There weren't many more quality moments for the Giants and their fans the rest of the afternoon, unless they were enamored by Manning checkdowns to the running back.

-- The fans, former players and the New York Giants got what they wanted with Eli Manning back as the starting quarterback Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

His inability to move and make plays on his own, combined with their protection issues off the edges, is a toxic mix. The Giants offense is 31Based on Manning's impressive résumé and two Super Bowl wins, nobody wants to admit it, but Smith, with his mobility, is likely the Giants' best option if they really want to win right now.

But in this situation, at this point of the season, it should be more about looking at the young quarterback who is under contract past this season.

But, I think he knows what our feeling is,” Mara said after Manning was benched for Smith and before Mc Adoo was fired.

The only thing that should’ve changed now is the coach, not the organization’s desire to take a protracted look at Webb late in this season.

Manning did plenty for the Rebels, who, until their resurgence this year, hadn’t seen close to the type of success that they achieved during Manning’s career after he left.

The Manning name may draw attention, but the Manning themselves only make headlines in the New York tabloids occasionally.

Here’s what you need to know about Manning’s better half: Much like her husband, Abby is heavily involved in charity and her most public appearances generally occur when she’s giving back.

Abby and Eli worked together to raise nearly million to build a 15,600 square-foot clinic at the Blair E. The Eli Manning Children’s clinic provides health care, including well-child visits, vaccinations and acute care in orthopedics, cardiology and endocrinology, to patients in the Mississippi area. Vincent’s Hospital, where her donations and fundraising helped build a brand-new holistic birthing center.

The son of a coach who is among the first to arrive in the morning (along with Manning) and last to leave, Webb was on the verge of seeing his workload and playing time increase before Mc Adoo was fired. That’s our job as people that work for the organization.”It's not happening this week.

Mc Adoo had a plan in motion that would’ve had Webb ready to start either this week or next. There is little incentive for Spagnuolo or offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan to turn to the rookie over Manning, the veteran they have a long-standing relationship with, dating back to their time working under Tom Coughlin.

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