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[…] Uhr, i Phone, Permalink Der Sonos: Play:1 Direkt Sonos Trotz Air Play: Das Sonos-System bleibt mein erster Vorschlag für kabellosen Sound (zuhause).

Die i OS-App für i Phone (kostenlos; App-Store-Link) und i Pad (kostenlos; App-Store-Link) spielt bei dieser Empfehlung eine kritische Rolle.

LG and Pantech are also popular in the country, with 10 and 15 percent share, respectively.

Based on rapid device adoption in 20 and slowing adoption numbers in 2013, Flurry suggests South Korea is the first market to approach connected device saturation, se Uhr, Macrumors, Permalink Snapchat has given certain user messages to law enforcement agencies Snapchat originally rose to popularity thanks to the false sense of security its timed photos provided.

Engadget Expand is heading to New York City's Jacob K. Sure, you could buy your own tickets (and at a pretty low price, we might add), but you can also win passes for free.

For a chance to be one of the five lucky readers attending the show on our Uhr, Engadget, Permalink Black Berry's open letter to customers: 'You can continue to count on us' In a move that's about as useful as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, Black Berry has issued an open letter to customers and partners designed to quell their fears.

The software creates parallax-based 3D photos with the help of the phone's accelerometer, Uhr, Engadget, Permalink How to search a webpage for a specific word in mobile Safari One of the great, and yet little known, features in mobile Safari is that it allows you to search a webpage for a specific word.

It wasn't long before intrepid code monkeys discovered that the app was actually storing photos it claimed to have deleted.

That rather blatant oversight has since been corrected, but today the company has revealed that while viewed photos (or "Snaps," as they prefer to call them) are indeed lost forever, previously unseen Snaps can be viewed by certain Snapchat staff -- oh, and they've shared "about a dozen" with law enforcement agencies.

This feature is a lifesaver if you happen to come across a lengthy article, for example, and want to quickly skip ahead to a particular segment of the document. Let's say I hop on over to to check out the latest sports news.

Here I see ESPN's splash page talking about the Red Sox playoff win.

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