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It has made me feel better about the whole situation.I didnt put it in writing to my work about changing working hours/days but HR said that my line manager would phone me on wednesday last week and yet a week on still waiting.

Dawn, It is really important that you put this in writing.Firstly in order to dismiss you your organisation have to, by law, follow certain procedures.From day one of your employment you are entitled to a hearing which you will have been informed about in writing beforehand, you also have the right to be accompanied ( by a work colleague or union rep) at this hearing and to appeal any decision made at it.Very often company grievance procedures ( such as ours for example) are not triggered until a written complaint is received and we state this procedure in our handbook.I presume that your company will have issued you with a Company Handbook when you started and you need to refer to that to see what you need to do to make this complaint formal.

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Verbal conversations are very often seen as informal discussions and sometimes not taken as seriously as they perhaps ought to be.

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