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He was especially anxious for news about his children, Max in particular.

Walter had managed to smuggle messages to Ruth First, who was in London by then, asking her to find out why Max had not gone to school and to remind him that he could go into the military only after he completed his education.

When the state of emergency was declared in 1986, Albertina was among the first to be restricted and her restrictions were only finally lifted on the day before her husband was released — October 14, 1989.

Now, I smile when I imagine how you all join hands and hold a leadership caucus and look down on us from an ANC branch — always with the unity of our nation and the progress of our continent at the top of the agenda.

Nelson Mandela and then wife Madikizelza-Mandela, her Xhosa clan name Nomzamo, Walter and Albertina Sisulu attend a welcoming ceremony in 1990 on their release from prisos, at the Cape Town City Hall.

In 1963 South Africa had an estimated population of eighteen million people — three millions people of European origin, whites, two million colored, mixed race and Indian, and thirteen million blacks.

Her husband, Walter, the man who brought Nelson Mandela into politics, served as secretary-general of the African National Congress (ANC) before going underground and hiding out at a farm at Rivonia, near Johannesburg, then being captured and sentenced to life imprisonment with Nelson Mandela and other ANC leaders.

He knew that she was not a great letter writer, but had assumed that in the circumstances, she would respond promptly.

You cannot imagine how pleased everybody was to hear from you.

I received your letter yesterday afternoon, the 10th August 1964, it was dated 12 July 1964. I am going to tell your sons to study hard because it will be a disgrace if you can pass examinations and they fail.

Darling, I am very sorry to be so absent-minded, you asked me to buy a book on that piece of paper I had, but I can't find it now. Please, when you are not well report to the authorities and get medical attention.

I wonder if it can be possible for you to write and tell me the name of the book again. My dear, we were all hurt about your remarks, that you always think of our birthdays and wish us good luck, but we never think of you on your birthday and wish you Happy Birthday. Never go on with that headache of yours because I know how it can treat you." Your welcome and most moving letter has had the desired effects...

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