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Make sure you protect yourself as well as i am like that in some ways.i am always scared to get into a relationship wih someone, cos obviously when you love them, its harder to leave!

How do I get him to see what's really in front of him and show him that there is more to love then someone who will lie on her back for you? he is going to have to learn his own lessons as he thinks love is a feeling.... Sounds to me like he is a love and sex addict, meaning he is in love with the high and rush of being in love. I agree with Smelly about the euphoria one feels when they first fall in love.

If she lets herself fall for you she may become vulnerable and that means she is then open to the possibility of getting hurt. You don't necessarily have to be her hero, just dependable and sincere.

Off hand I'd say if that is the case, then there is a good chance she has been through that scenario already and doesn't want to go through it again. Just as time heals wounds it can also break down walls and, when given enough time, the truth always comes to the surface.

i have had my heart broken a couple times, each time i thought id never lose them and they would never hurt me. sometimes i will push someone away a bit if i feel im falling for them, which is what this girl is prob doing with you.

it doesnt mean she doesnt like you, or that she really doesnt want a relationship with you, it simply means shes scared of getting hurt. but if you dont take the risk you never know.if she doesnt have the title as your girlfriend, it doesnt mean she will fall for you less quickly..

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