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The happiness index was based on findings from a survey in which 80,000 were asked four questions: how satisfied they were with their lives; to what extent their lives were worthwhile; how happy they were yesterday; and how anxious they felt yesterday.

It found that on average the married rated their satisfaction with life as 7.7 out of ten, the value of their lives at 7.9, and their happiness at 7.6.

We've been honest with our children about my problems, too, and with help I have weaned myself off this horrible drug.' Paul Spanjar, treatment director at addictions rehabilitation clinic Providence Projects, based in Bournemouth, Dorset, says he treats an increasing number of middle-class women like Francesca for cocaine abuse.

'My fear is that there are many more who are frightened to come forward because they are scared of losing their jobs or, worse, that social services will intervene with their children,' he says.

I'd clean the entire house, firing on all cylinders.

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The results of David Cameron's campaign to measure well-being also reveal that the happiest people are traditional married families.

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