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with usp_silencer (headshot) mou killed FRANCE k1o with glock (headshot) FRANCE mat HEND killed HObbitt with usp_silencer (headshot) SECOND MAP SECOND ACERound over - Winner: CT (0-1) - Enemy eliminated FRANCE Fuks killed Adre N with usp_silencer (headshot) Adre N killed FRANCE mat HEND with usp_silencer (headshot) Adre N killed FRANCE xms ?/F/ with glock (headshot) Adre N killed FRANCE nonick with glock (headshot) Adre N killed FRANCE misto^___^ with glock (headshot) FRANCE nonick killed fitchfitch? /F/ killed mou with usp_silencer (headshot) FRANCE nonick killed z Lex with usp_silencer (headshot) FRANCE xms ?As far as i know, mat HEND and xms haven't been caught cheating, because what KZ did is some sort of cheating, they gain a big advantage from it (using another player)Can't be bothered to play in long af 100k prize pool tournament especially when the winners prob only get 50k and the amount of players they would have to distribute that money between would make this just not worth it. He won a random LAN in Kazakhstan vs completely unknown players (except Mou), and it's not like some players have cheat in LAN in the past (and probably continue to do so right now, probably even in majors.)I'm glad too that young players managed to give a strong battle against such good players like Adren and Mou.The French players treat the game in the national team very seriously. Look - they have played in every game since the beginning of the tournament (NBK, kenny S, ap EX). And i'm glad that Niak gave them the chance to ( even if n V and G2 players coudn't play ofc ) , and i've been really impressed by their perfomance aswell .

Playing with 120 ping and Gambit players that lose online games to some t10 shit teams but are still hyped and 3 randoms that never achieved anything?

Struggling tobeat a D team of France with their top 1 team ?

I mean for the beauty of the Lan France should definitly take this, i would prefer to watch a mad game between france and sweden than those kazakhs that can't even win 3-0 agaisnt tier 4 playerslol typical hltv answer.

Round over - Winner: T (5-1) - Enemy eliminated FRANCE mat HEND killed Adre N with tec9 (headshot) FRANCE nonick planted the bomb (4on1) FRANCE mat HEND killed HObbitt with ak47 (headshot) FRANCE mat HEND killed z Lex with ak47 FRANCE mat HEND killed mou with ak47 FRANCE mat HEND killed fitchfitch? Mine is 60mbps and i cant even watch twitch streams on high quality. killed FRANCE nonick with ak47 (headshot) fitchfitch?

I think it depends upon laptops somehow,i mean it keeps buffering when i watch on my gaming laptop but works fine on my office laptop. killed FRANCE mat HEND with ak47 Adre N planted the bomb (2on3) Adre N killed FRANCE k1o with ak47 (headshot) fitchfitch?

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