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There is a dramatic cut to the moment of the revolt. Faced with this moral dilemma, he rolls it into the gutter limply.We arrive towards the end of the fight, with cars already flipped and see bonfires long burning. He is not a bad man and nor are his friends: their weapons against the police were mostly words and rocks.Lilie liebt François, fühlt sich aber von seiner Unentschlossenheit verletzt. spends three hours asking the question: why did the May 1968 student and trade union revolt fail?Perhaps Philippe Garrel found the answer here: François was not strong enough to fight the police, despite his good intentions, just as the people of Paris were not willing to support him or his comrades either.In the scene where François escapes the policemen, the house he planned to hide in denies him entry, turning the light off, disapproving his acts; such were the supposed attitudes of those over thirty at the time.Jean-Christophe rubs his head in frustration; “Will your mates let us smoke dope?

Otherwise, it’s unclear what percentage of the story is based on truth or lived experience—particularly in terms of François and his friends’ planning—but the film regardless reaches far to answer its own questions. The Paris of is dark and moody, a precursor to the forthcoming explosive events.

She is far more self-sustaining than he: in Paris she worked at a sculpture studio, while François was unemployed.

Her political spirit is just as strong—she writes him a letter telling him she is now an anarchist—but is not aligned with his own beliefs.

If it’s an ode to the Paris of the late 60s then it is additionally recognising its own inspirational sources, Godard and Truffaut.

Sound is not mixed: the audio contains a noticeable hiss, and piano interludes often bombard without warning, occasionally making the dialogue difficult to hear. At roughly twenty minutes in duration, this lengthy scene is bookended by a sudden flashback to 1789 and the storming of the Bastille.

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The late William Lubtchansky worked with Godard and Truffaut, and was the film’s DOP: the impression of influence is therefore more direct than its diegesis alone. The flashback returns to the 1960s, with François and Lilie in period dress collecting firewood and food.

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