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Kathy Anderson also told me that what often happens is that the re-sale company ends up selling the time share to a dummy corporation or non-existent person, and then two other things happen: (1) the Wellington does not get paid for the expenses associated with the time share unit and must foreclose (because the “new owner” does not exist); and (2) the original owner remains liable for those costs and expenses. Anderson did say that she had NOT heard of Vale and does not know if they are running this kind of scam, but she did tell me that the “service” Vale managed to sell to my client is basically worthless, given that the Wellington will take back the unit at no cost, and given, as well, the very low re-sale value (far, far below 00) of the time share units.

Also, I have included below, a letter from the Wellington outlining the foregoing and the Wellington’s position in taking back units from its owners: Dear Wellington Owners, Mid-winter greetings from the Wellington Resort.

Sincerely, The Wellington Resort Board of Directors_______________________________________________________________ I have looked into Vale a bit and I have found nothing thus far that indicates that Vale is licensed to do business in Connecticut yet Vale had domeone copme to Hartford, Connecticut to take my client's signature and 00 from her credit card.

Vale’s paperwork indicates that they have an address at: 1 Florida Park Drive, North 204, Palm Coast, Florida 32137; a phone number at 877-250-7891.

(That's 50% for the mathematically challenged.) But there are bigger things right now than worrying about the stigma of being known as the “divorced guy”; men also have to contend with court battles and, in some cases, it ain’t pretty.

The good news is that you aren’t alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for every 1,000 people, 6.8 get married, and 3.4 get divorced.

We will be sending out a full update on these issues soon. The family has little or no use for the time share now, and my client, who is Power of Attorney for her mother, has grown concerned about the rising cost of the time share and was interested in getting rid of it. Larsen, is elderly and now resides in convalescent home (Brookdale Place) in Hartford. Larsen owns a time share unit at the Wellington Yacht & Racquet Club in Newport Rhode Island (“the Wellington”) that was purchased back in the mid-1980’s.La nostra azienda da 30 anni produce etichette, nastri, buste personalizzate, bollini adesivi chiudi pacco, etichette per bomboniere, chiudi pacco, per attività commerciali e propone anche articoli personalizzati per matrimoni e altri eventi.I nostri nastri sono ideali per confezionare bomboniere fai da te ed altro, mentre un gradito omaggio per gli invitati può essere la wedding bags o un ventaglio, ma proponiamo tanti altri oggetti e siamo in grado di ricercare soluzioni particolari su vostra richiesta come i bollini con le iniziali degli sposi, i portabottiglie personalizzati o etichette personalizzate per bottiglie di vino. Potete contattarci per qualsiasi informazione inviandoci una e mail con un vostro recapito telefonico.

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The operators often ask for money to 'sell' your timeshare.

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