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But whether you start burning that energy by working out or scribbling angry manic poetry or inventing the core of what ultimately becomes a world-dominating social networking platform, you want to find a channel and productive output for all of that energy.

Facebook – or so the legend on getting dumped and singing about it.

Hell, the character destroying her ex’s car for revenge in “Before He Cheats” sounds awesome – it’s also the work of a .

All it does is make you look like someone who can’t get over a bad breakup and now you’re throwing a tantrum like a child who didn’t get a cookie. There are some seriously wangsty Live Journal posts in my distant past that I’m not proud of.) One thing that helps is to recontextualize the pain. Part of what helps process the pain of a break-up is channeling that pain, anger and frustration into something else. these can all be used to supercharge other aspects of your life.

They want acknowledgment from their ex that the dumpee had been wronged, that their ex was an uncaring bitch, a vampire, a whore and deserves to suffer from every STD known to man.

They want their ex to hurt just as much as they do – if not and now you just look like an impotent idiot.

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Neither does blaming your ex – or yourself, for that matter.

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