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Stimmst du zu, die Identität dieser Frauen geheim zu halten?

China-born Kharkiv-based Mei Aisi, 35, became an internet sensation in his motherland after sharing pictures of his Ukrainian wife, Daria Mei, on social media platforms.'Chinese people couldn't believe a guy as ugly and academically unsuccessful as me could have a gorgeous wife like that,' said Mr Mei, who moved to Ukraine in 2001 to look for a new life after failing his university entrance examination in China.

While Anne was old enough to join a dating site, she didn’t think she’d have any luck there.

“I knew they were sparsely populated and also had many people who just wanted threesomes,” Anne told At home, where there were few other LGBTQI people around, Anne could often feel isolated.

By scrolling through pictures, or skimming reblogs, users can discover what desire and identity mean to them.

“On Tumblr, the social model is less structured and defined, which I suspect means queer and trans youth who don't fit simple definitions to begin with have some space to be different, together,” Gil-Peterson said. spent her college years in a small Midwestern city, with few other openly queer people.

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But living nine hours apart from each other, it took nearly half a year before they finally met in person.

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