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It's either going to be a glossy magazine cover with all proceeds donated to charity or nothing.They may have had some sort of idea about how they might introduce their little ones to the world down the road, but in the meantime they obviously just wanted to be left alone. And so like a lot of social policy that seems so obvious now but wasn't always that way, the evolution toward a more respectful zone with regard to how celebrities are photographed when they're out with their children has been a process.By way of appeasing the curious when Wyatt, who's now almost 3, was born, Kutcher posted a batch of eight baby photos on his blog and said one of them was Wyatt. And since there are still buyers for paparazzi pics of the whole family, photographers have continued to take them. However, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge know that endless photo opportunities are part of the job for them, they're still trying to give their toddlers as normal a life as is humanly possible until the whole third-and-fourth-in-line-to-the-throne thing trumps normality.Even Kate Middleton and Prince William have their critics who say they haven't made Prince George and Princess Charlotte as visible as the people of the U. Social media has helped celebrities manage the media coverage of their children, making it more difficult for paparazzi to be able to sell photos of their kids by basically handing out free pictures.This is particularly true in the major cities like Santo Domingo and Santiago and around the tourist zones of Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, and Sosua. I would put them in the same category as Brazilians or Colombians.You will definitely find stunningly attractive women and men.And these are just three of the different approaches celebs have taken to sharing photos of their kids with a larger audience.Meyers said he had no intention of posting any pics of Ashe on social media and didn't do so for more than a year. "It was just like, 'The world needs to see this little angel,'" he joked to Banks.

Bell explained that, while she and Shephard have chosen (or at least accepted) a public life because they're actors, daughters Lincoln and Delta have not.

Meanwhile, though we're not yet operating in a media landscape where to share or not to share is left up entirely to the discretion of the parents, there is no such thing as reasonable "public demand" for baby pictures taken by whatever means necessary. After years of regularly utilizing the supply provided by the ever-swarming shutterbugs, a few years back a number of outlets (including this one) stopped publishing photos taken of kids that aren't sanctioned by their parents, taken in a setting where professional photographers are known to be chronicling the happenings, like at a red carpet premiere or a sporting event, or posted on the parents' (or trusted friends' or family members') social media accounts.

Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry were among the famous parents who went to bat to help decrease the supply, calling for harsher repercussions for intrusive paparazzi in California after having too many photographers get in their kids' faces.

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