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This fall, a “portraiture nominations committee” is seeking ideas for new art to hang on walls dominated by images of long-dead white men.

Pell Grants, worth up to ,920 apiece this year, are the foundation of need-based financial aid.“I don’t think we’re going to cure them all.” For the burgeoning population of students here from modest backgrounds, it still can be hard to fit in.Fedjounie Philippe, 19, a sophomore from Irvington, New Jersey, who goes by the nickname June, said she thinks about it “every second of every day” as a Haitian American immigrant whose mother did not go to college and whose father was murdered by a street gang.Philippe said she was stunned at closing time, 3 a.m., to see french fries, water cups and other garbage dumped by crowds who came to eat after getting drunk at eating-club parties on nearby Prospect Avenue.Those students, she said, seem to cruise through life with the easy knowledge that “someone here – the work staff – will clean up their mess.” But Philippe said she is determined to bring change to campus.

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