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In another version, Hafiz Ibn Minda writes that Muhammad set Rayhana free, and she went back to live with her own people.This version is also supported as the most likely by 19th-century Muslim scholar, Shibli Nomani.

When he was twelve years old (Ibn Saʿd), or nine (Ṭabarī), he traveled with his uncle Abū Ṭālib on a caravan journey to Syria.

He turned back and asked why she had not invited him in again, and she said, “When you walked by before, a light shone from your face and I knew you were going to be the father of a prophet.

Now, the light has disappeared from your face and I no longer desire to have you” (Ibn Isḥāq, Ibn Saʿd).

He refused, continued to Āmīnah 's house, and consummated the marriage.

Later, he passed by the house of the first woman, who this time said nothing to him.

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When they arrived at Busra, a monk named Baḥīrā provided a meal for everyone and then announced that Muḥammad was going to be a prophet (Ibn Isḥāq, Ibn Saʿd, Ṭabarī).

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