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Golden Supreme Golden Supreme apples are medium in size.

Ida Red Ida Red apples are large in size with a red over yellow skin.

Orchard Picking Hours: Everyday 9am – 5pm Last Picking Bag will be sold at pm. Zestar Zestar apples are medium in size with a red over green skin.

All Pickin’ Dates on our Picking Calendar Are Subject to Mother Nature. Paula Red Paula Red apples are medium in size with a red over green skin.

Please check our home page for current varieties available for picking. Peaches Learn More about Picking Peaches Rich May Rich May ripens very early July.

The fruit is medium in size, scarlet red over a yellow green under color, yellow-fleshed clingstone, very firm with great flavor. Premier Honeycrisp Premier Honeycrisps apples are a large apple that’s red with a yellow background color. Sansa Sansa apples are small to medium in size with a red skin.

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