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Underground, he was forced to take an alias, and he compounded the first names of the authors Conrad and Chekhov into a nom de guerre.

He titled his 2012 memoir of the ordeal for this alter ego——and wrote it in the third person, as if to slip out of the skin of his notoriety.

“The notion that writers are a bitchy, touchy, catty, competitive crowd, always scoring points off each other—this was absolutely obliterated by the Rushdie affair,” he believes.

“Any writer who was bitchy or catty looked very trivial after the fatwa, because it was a matter of life and death.”A Beast of a Novel Rushdie was already known as a provocateur when he was chosen for *Granta’*s first “Best of Young British Novelists” issue, in 1983, along with Mc Ewan, Amis, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Graham Swift, all of whom would become his friends.

Twenty-five years later, they decided to retrace those terrifying months, as did the author, who opened up to is the first chapter of the very long and unpleasant story that has, as one chapter, 9/11,” Ian Mc Ewan says.

“I initially read the book in purely literary terms—as an extraordinarily playful, exceedingly intelligent novel—and it’s taken all this time to wrench it back into the realm of the literary.”“It was the first taste we had of the theocratic sensibility,” remarks E. Doctorow, who was active in a campaign by PEN (the global organization devoted to defending free expression) in support of profiled his friend who had “vanished into the front page”) says the controversy forced writers to be “more serious” about their work—and their rivals’ work, too.

They took seats not far from Theroux, who said, jokingly, “I’m not sitting near you—I don’t want to be in the line of fire.” Martin Amis, Harold Pinter, and Antonia Fraser were in neighboring pews.He was an outsider in India (as a Muslim), in England (as a “wog”), and in Islam (as an unbeliever), all at once.So he made which deals with Pakistan, novels about doubleness.It is a bold, brave book: the narration makes us feel the fatwa closing in around him, and the story is one Kafka or Kubrick might have imagined, a religious war waged against an ordinary man.It works so well that it keeps us from seeing how powerfully the novel and the fatwa defined the age for the people who knew Rushdie then, worked on the book, and stood up for it.

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