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Soon after Carreyrou began his reporting, David Boies, the superstar lawyer—and Theranos board member—who had taken on Bill Gates in the 1990s and represented Al Gore during the 2000 Florida recount case, visited the published the article: HOT STARTUP THERANOS HAS STRUGGLED WITH ITS BLOOD-TEST TECHNOLOGY.During the two days in the war room, according to numerous insiders, Holmes heard various response strategies.Everyone at Theranos, from its scientists to its marketers, wondered what to make of it all.For two days, according to insiders, Holmes, who is now 32, had refused to address these concerns.Absent a plan, Holmes embarked on a familiar course—she doubled down on her narrative. During the trip, Holmes fielded calls from her advisers in the war room.She left the war room for her car—she is often surrounded by her security detail, which sometimes numbers as many as four men, who (for safety reasons) refer to the young C. She and her team decided on an interview with Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s , with whom she had a friendship that dated from a previous interview. Cramer generously began the interview by asking Holmes what had happened.She finally had to address her employees at Theranos, the blood-testing start-up that she had founded as a 19-year-old Stanford dropout, which was now valued at some billion.

Curiosity about the veracity of the story was also bubbling throughout the company’s mustard-and-green Palo Alto headquarters, which was nearing the end of a .7 million renovation.The most cogent suggestion advocated enlisting members of the scientific community to publicly defend Theranos—its name an amalgam of “therapy” and “diagnosis.” But no scientist could credibly vouch for Theranos.Under Holmes’s direction, the secretive company had barred other scientists from writing peer-review papers on its technology. (She has been known to fly alone on a .5 million Gulfstream G150.) Holmes subsequently took off for Boston to attend a luncheon for a previously scheduled appearance at the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows, where she would be honored as an inductee.And, as a then dark-haired 19-year-old first-year at Stanford University’s School of Chemical Engineering, she already comported herself in a distinctly Jobsian fashion.She adopted black turtlenecks, would boast of never taking a vacation, and would come to practice veganism.

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