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But sometimes Jay won't listen and I ain't about to argue, because he has a temper, and he already pissed off about the money. "They's lots of cars and some rigs up there tonight.

So he gave me back my short shorts and said, "Put 'em on - we goin' up to the track." I quickly stepped into the short-shorts and followed Jay out of the arcade and into the parking area. Now go ahead and get me my money." This time he didn't kiss me, just gave me a hard stare - which I seen before - usually just before I got my ass beat. There are a lot of potholes and stuff, and it makes it harder to walk when you're wearing high heels. Jose was smoking a cigarette and talking to another black guy named Ron Ron.

We kiss for a minute and I can feel my dick getting hard. " He handed me a twenty-dollar bill and I bent over to kiss his cock. All the time I was crouched naked between his legs, sucking his cock and balls.

I knew it was going to be a long night because Jay wasn't going call it quits until at least 2 am.She was ten years younger than my Mom, and wore all sorts of sexy underthings that would make their way to my room before heading back to the laundry. I had found a new pair of panties in the hamper in the bathroom.They were teal blue silk with lace panels on either side, and a small black bow in the center. I looked at the label, and found that these fragrant treasures were from Victoria's Secret."Danny," she said softly, "I know you can't help yourself, but please don't steal my delicates.Come with me, sweetie." She led me back to her room, still in her panties and cami, and sat me down on her bed.

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(to be so close to that treasure, to feel the heat of her body, to have my hands just inches away...) My wife was going out with another man, and knowing that her panties were on over the garters told me what she had in mind for this very lucky man! I was staying at home, dressed in my sissy lingerie and satin maid's dress like a good little sissy servant.

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