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I grabbed the camera to see if I could catch some of the action since they woke me up. She came with her friend, Christina, who was looking really sexy.Levi and this masked mommy were having a good time. Christina woke up in the morning and was swimming around in the pool looking super hot in that bikini. Ceira Roberts took the liberty of using Levi's backyard to sunbath while he was at the beach surfing.Well, how about this: She's only half-black 'n' stacked. Well, window washing with some nice titties of course.Don't miss what happens when we head over to a local barber shop. The hunter was waiting patiently outside for his favorite bartender to get off her shift.He was looking at a girl with huge tits on his phone and she was being nosy and checking it out.She decided that she wanted to show off her tits to get Levis ... "I've had a crush on my college professor for the entire semester.

I had this concept of a guy walking into an adult stor...They got the inside scoop from one of the caddies that recently banged a widowed millionaire MILF looking for a young stud to satisfy...We were chilling in the parking lot of a gym that we knew had a ton of hotties.The Hunter went to meet up with a chick about getting some paintball gear. Her name was Jen, and she had a bunch of gear that was her husbands. Hunter and his sidekick Pervert Paulie went MILF hunting at a cheerleader pageant.As soon as they drove into the parking lot, they spotted a few MILFs worthy of being the prey of the day. A sexy 18-year-old redhead stopped by the Cum Fiesta house the other day.

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