Updating data in a view sql

go to top of page There are many situations where one might want to synchronize data between Exchange Public Folders and a SQL database.

On the other hand you may have data in a SQL Server database that you want to interact with or update using Outlook.

Inferior Indexing While Exchange Public Folders seem to handle large volumes of items within a folder, Exchange Server is not geared to indexing these items efficiently (when compared to SQL Server).

So for example the speed with which one can find all the items in one folder that are related to an item in another folder via a key field dramatically slows down when there are say more than 25,000 items in the folder being searched.

Brian has over 20 years experience in the IT industry and has focused on Contact Management, CRM and Collaboration systems for the last 14 years.

During this time Brian and his staff have been involved in over 200 direct CRM project implementations covering 7 different products.

The system utilises all the standard functionality of Outlook but provides many additional features that transform Outlook into a powerful Contact Management and CRM system.However, MX-Sync does not require MX-Contact, and can synchronize to standard Exchange Server Public Folders, either discrete (i.e.non-related folders), or linked folders that form part of any Outlook-based Contact Management or CRM system.But synchronizing this data to and from a SQL Server database overcomes these disadvantages and maximizes the strengths of both platforms.go to top of page This article was written by Brian Drury, founder of Exchange Wise ( and the architect of MX-Contact ( a CRM, Contact Management and Sales Automation System for Microsoft Outlook.

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This article looks at synchronization of Outlook data from Exchange Server Public Folders to a SQL Server database and vice versa, namely SQL Server to Outlook/Exchange synchronization.

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