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The most notable of the patterns is that whereby the rarer an outcome, the greater tends to be the relative difference in experiencing it and the smaller tends to be the relative difference in avoiding it.Thus, among many things of comparable significance, when an outcome like mortality declines in overall prevalence (or an outcome like adequate hemodialysis, mammography, or obesity increases in overall prevalence), whether health or healthcare disparities are deemed to have increased or decreased often will depend on whether one examines relative differences in the favorable outcome or relative differences in the (opposite) adverse outcome.This survey showed that the Independence is upright, slightly listing to starboard, with much of its flight deck intact, and with holes leading to the hangar decks that once housed the carrier's aircraft.

The two Bikini tests known as Operation Crossroads were carried out in the immediate aftermath of the atomic end to World War II in Japan, and signalled a new era in world history, historians involved in the study say.

This era was grimly summarized in a then-classified report on the Bikini tests, which suggested that, with the coming of the 'Bomb,' it was possible to depopulate the earth, leaving only 'vestigial remnants of man's works.'It was found in 2,600 feet (792 metres) underwater off the coast of California's Farallon Islands and is said to be 'amazingly intact,' with its hull and flight deck clearly visible, and what appears to be a plane in the carrier's hangar bay.

To study the wreckage, the team of scientists and technicians on board the sanctuary vessel R/V Fulmar, used an 18.5-foot-long (5.6 metres) autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) called Echo Ranger from The Boeing Company.

Sections E.1 to E.6 provide brief summaries of, and list pertinent references regarding, six issues: (1) the misinterpretation of health inequalities in the United Kingdom and/or the Whitehall Studies; (2) the misinterpretation of health inequalities in Nordic Countries; (3) absolute differences between rates as a measure of disparities; (4) the approaches to disparities measurement of the National Center for Health Statistics and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; (5) issues regarding health disparities and pay-for-performance; (6) approaches to the measurement of disparities that are unaffected by the overall prevalence of an outcome.

As shown below, the issues addressed in a number of these sections are now addressed in subpages., which is separately accessible as a subpage, describes the extent of scholarly agreement or disagreement with the views expressed in the listed references.

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