Validating a certificate of origin

The forest-based sector employs 13.7 million workers, with a commercial output of about 1 percent of the global GDP.An estimated 500 million people depend on forests for their livelihoods, while hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on them for fiber and raw materials.Sustainable procurement can help maintain a company's social license to operate (Kemp, 2001).It can help reduce reputation risks and, ultimately, help secure sustainable supplies (Kennard, 2006).Sustainably managed forests are a renewable source of raw materials; these forests also provide services such as clean air and water, wildlife habitat, and sometimes recreation opportunities (Figure 1).Sustainably produced wood and paper-based goods can be a wise choice compared to other materials, because: The purpose of this Guide and resource kit is to assist sustainability officers and business procurement managers, especially major purchasers of wood and paper-based products that do not have 'in house' forest and forestry expertise.Some forest-based industries often use all parts of the tree for different products in a system of integrated processing facilities.

It should be noted that not all aspects of potential concern and risk apply to all forested regions of the world.The guide is designed as: The past few years have seen a proliferation of tools, projects, initiatives, publications and labels to aid sustainable procurement of wood and paper-based products.To help those who are new to the subject, a selected number of these tools are highlighted and characterized (see Resource Directory).Raw tropical hardwoods are often produced under these circumstances.There is great variability in supply chains depending on the country, region, or local circumstances.

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