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Season 15 star Brad Womack decided to say goodbye not to one but to both of the final two women, leaving him alone with the final rose.

He said to Dorfman, “If you weren’t in love with me, I’m just not sure, like, why you made love with me.” Dorfman attacked Viall’s comments as “below the belt.” Viall continued to cause controversy on his season of “The Bachelor.” In just the second episode of the season, contestant Corinne Olympios stripped topless and embraced him in a pool on their first date.

She continued to pursue Viall while naked under a trench coat.

She then sprayed whipped cream on her cleavage — and Viall obediently licked it off.

He memorably said, “I can’t look you in your eye and tell you that I love you. I have to tell you goodbye.” In the 20th season, Higgins declared “I love you” to two of the final three women on the show, Jojo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell. he was just expressing his feelings and didn't know that there were rules for saying “I love you.” "I don't know of a rule book, maybe there is one, maybe fans out there are hiding...

I keep hearing ‘He broke all the rules,’” he said in the 2016 interview.

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Each relatioship-centric season has had its own drama, and, at times, caused major scandals for the franchise.

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